Korset Lumbo Sakral Pavis 574

Pavis 574 New Edge Lumbo Sakral yang dilengkapi dengan panel thermo ( tinggi 32 cm)

Postural Pathologies: lumbago, lumbar sciatice, sciatica, scoliosis (skoliosis), uneven pelvis, lumbar hypo/hyper-lordosis, sacral hypo/hyper-kyphosis

Degenerative pathologies: spondyloarthrosis, osteoporosis, muscular contractures in the lumbar and sacral region

Traumatic pathologies: discopathy, protrusions, herniated discs

Size: lingkar pinggang
S: 60-80
M: 75-90
L: 85-110
XL: 105-120
XXL: 120-140
XXXL: 135-153

Bahan: katun nyaman dipakai

Made in Italy



Additional information

Weight3000 g


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